Classic wooden Aeronaut Runnerbaut
The Runnerbaut have a run-time far beyond any other boat on the pond with about 30 min. on a single battery pack and it's extremely quiet, you can barely hear it when it's running. You can also have a look under projects for more information about how the boat were built together.


Length: 550mm (26")
Weight w/o battery: 1025 g
Weight with battery: 1270 g
Hull material: Wood
Motor type: Brushless
Motor brand: FSD-Motor
Motor size: 380 / 2870
Motor rotations: 3200 rpm/V
Battery type: Li-Po
Battery voltage: 7,4 V (2S)
Battery capacity: 4800 mAh
Propeller: -
Running time: 30 minutes
Topspeed: 43 km/h
Status: Active

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