V-power Carbon Edition
The hull is made from 100% epoxi-laminated carbon fiber and it's an upgraded version of the original V-power boat. It's an exact copy of the hull from the V-power but with the strength of carbon fiber and an upgraded brushless motor which makes this boat much faster and we are able to push this boat much further which have shown results by holding the speedrecord at 82.3 km/h with a octura X642 propeller.


Length: 640 mm (26")
Weight w/o battery: 1293 g
Weight with battery: 1,9 kg
Hull material: Carbon fiber
Motor type: Brushless
Motor brand: Leopard
Motor size: 4065
Motor rotations: 1800 KV
Battery type: Li-Po
Battery voltage: 22,2 V (6S)
Battery capacity: 4000 mAh
Propeller: Octura X642
Running time: 8 minutes
Topspeed: 99,2 km/h
Status: Active

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