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DSBK have a new speed record!
It was the V-power carbon edition who managed to do 82.3 km/h with a 42 mm prop from Octura.
There are also new pictures available at the Hydro project and the V-power carbon boat, go check them out!

It's been a long and cold winter but now you we can feel that the spring is closing in. Beacause we haven't been out on the lake doesn't mean that we've forgot all about our boats. We have worked with new projects and upgrading some of our boats to break new records for the season 2013. So it's time for us to present our latest project which is a 31" fiber glass hydro hull and you can find out all about this new boat under projects to see how far it have come. We found a clip from last summer (below) that we would like to share with you in this cold winter and hopefully make it easier to hold out until the weather allows you to take out the boat again.

It's time for us to reveal our latest boat, the V-Power Carbon edition. The hull is made from only carbon fiber and is an exact copy of the V-power hull. This new boat have a measured top speed at 79,7 km/h, which is a new record at dsbk. We have been taking rc boats to next level with this exceptional hull. Have a look and stay close for new records!

Today DSBK presents the first new boat this year which is an upgraded Dragon Hobby Snap 720EP. This boat is built for crazy turns and just playing around but at the same time reach high speeds. Have a look at the video below to see what we mean!


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